Learn to Sleep EP

by short fiction

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released November 18, 2011

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Short Fiction.
Mastered by Chris Vita in Portland, OR.
Cover photo by Alison Eckhardt



all rights reserved


short fiction Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Jesus & Another Man
I’m going out I got my best shirt on You come along, got your hair all done I got a little money and I want to spend it all To keep you beside me after moonlight falls ‘Cuz you still loved me when I told you I was broke and you still kissed me when I told that I smoked Well I still got my pen, gonna write another song for you Singin’ please stay with me ‘til the sky turns blue But now you say you found Jesus & another man Well I’m not the type to start a fuss with them Just gonna unlock the door so you can sneak right back on in So you can lay beside me when you’re through with them.
Track Name: Learn to Sleep
Well I’m getting tired and it’s getting late but I have to wait until I learn how to sleep without you And it’s clear that I miss you Well I want you back but I can’t tell you that because I told you once already I think you understand And it’s clear that I miss you
Track Name: Almost There
Even though I never used your name you gave me my angry face The one I still use ‘til today once in a while And I remember everything the most frightened eyes I’d ever seen The broken glass and then the most peculiar silence Remember when the police came I gave them your address and name even though you begged me not to tell them where you’re hiding I hear they locked you far away your bruises healing day by day We’re all waiting for the day we are forgiven As the fingertips of time are tracing their unwelcome lines I will be far away thinking fondly of you When the circus kills its lights and your brother’s body comes to life I hope you’re on the winning side ‘cuz I can’t hate you
Track Name: White Flag
Raise my glass to toast to you Fake smiles glad hands the whole night through I’m well acquainted with the way you think of me but I find your position is tragic but I’ll put my hands up and I’ll raise my white flag The world blurs by from your limousine with all those things that a life could have been You’re well aware of all the things that life can be and you know your decisions is tragic but I’ll put my hands up and I’ll raise my white flag So here I sit the gentleman with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen I swear to God I’m gonna scream but it’s too late it’s too late to stop you go on put your hands up I’ll raise a glass to you go on lay your arms down go on raise your white flag
Track Name: A Painting of Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker’s on my bed I never listen to his music I only see the colors streaming out Looking back don’t it seem the world’s a mistake the kind of mistake that love allows Looking over at our wall I saw a single blade of grass with only blue sky as the background Looking back don’t it seem I was out of my class Wasn’t only autumn leaves that were falling down Thinking back I remember you playing in the fog and I was swallowed by the sound As I recall it was not only I who was in awe We had to keep moving each time you were found Charlie Parker’s on my bed I never listen to his music I only saw the colors streaming out Looking back I don’t want our love to be fake The kind of illusion my memory propounds